Authenticity is Birthed From Struggle

Do you ever feel like an imposter and worry that any day now someone will expose you? Do you feel not as smart as people say? That all your success has been just luck? Is there a little voice within that whispers you’re not worthy?

The layers were usually taken upon ourselves one at a time, things like a whispered lie internalised, self doubt allowed to linger, one more dose of resentment stuffed down. We become so used to functioning under the layers we become oblivious to living under shadows. We may only discover the darkness after glimpsing light. Authenticity is like coming home to a warm cuppa in front of the fireplace after being lost outside on a dark, rainy night.

Authenticity is showing up as ourselves and allowing ourselves to be seen. The ongoing wrestle to live as our true self is a life’s work.

Authenticity is birthed from struggle. An excavation down to our deepest parts helps us to discover our true self. There are no short cuts, we must dig through the layers and expose them to light. The strength within me has emerged from the weight of the rubble that I didn't know I would ever get out from underneath. Those really difficult moments are the moments that revealed who I am and allow me to make daily choices of being true to me.

The true self feels at home in one’s body, has a tribe, and lives congruent to values. It’s when our core radiates that who we are is enough; that we matter, that we have a purpose and meaningful existence.

If the struggle to be authentic is something you resonate with, you will love my workshop Butterfly Heart that is on this Sunday and I have several spaces still available. Book by contacting me here or through the Face Book Event.

This mid year workshop for women will be a safe, peaceful place to excavate the layers, gather up the pieces of our lives & create the best year yet. This therapeutic workshop uses art processes to explore our strengths and fragility and will have you reorientated, rested and feeling restored through the metaphor of a butterfly.

Rochelle Melville

Rochelle Melville is an art therapist and intentional creative. Rochelle works from Pathways to Expression in Bald Hills facilitating individual and group sessions and is available to facilitate workshops in the community.