Why Art Therapy?

strength. courage. freedom

Art therapy is using art materials to explore feelings, thoughts and experiences that may be difficult to verbalise. Using art materials in a therapeutic setting provides opportunity to view the problem or issue from a new perspective, integrate life experiences and develop healthy coping skills and focus. An art therapy process may be something as simple as a squiggle drawn onto paper or a thumbprint pressed into clay. 



What people say about kaleidoscope art therapy

Mother Of Three

I experienced amazing benefit from having art therapy with Rochelle. It helped me to know myself better and work through some deep emotional issues. I discovered that I had the ability to work through my own problems using the medium of art. It was just a matter of being guided and encouraged to allow my art to speak. I had no prior training in art and yet the work of art I produced from therapy is valuable because it gave me the ability to express my feelings and the freedom to move on. – D